This is a work in progress.  The goal is to have link to all my work on the internet here, listed by subject matter.


Epic Fail: Copenhagen (20 December 2009)


Socialist Worker: Reports from Occupy 10/20, 11/1


Dramedy Gender Roles, Symptom of the Sexist Disease (21 December 2009)

Burqa Barbie vs. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Barbie: Who are You Calling Oppressed? (27 December 2009)

Another Attack on Muslim Women (12 April 2010)

Put Some Pants on! (We’ve Got to Pay Executive Bonuses Somehow) (10 August 2010)


White Men: It’s Time to Hand Over the High School Curriculum (11 January 2010)

Socialist Worker: Breaking the Silence at Salem College (29 March 2010)

Shifting the Power? (10 April 2010)

Socialist Worker: Building a Fight for Academic Freedom (26 April 2011)


Socialist Worker: A Fight against Unjust Firings (19 January 2011)

US Politics

Counterpunch: Jon Stewart, Are You Really that Sane? (1 November 2010)

Socialist Worker: Sanity is Fighting against Injustice (4 November 2010)


Moving Forward from another Mining Tragedy (6 April 2010)

Socialist Worker: Why Were the Miners Underground? (21 October 2010)

Socialist Worker: Fighting Layoffs at AT&T (17 November 2010)

Socialist Worker: Which Side is NPR’s Diane Rehm on? (16 March 2011)

Abolition/Death Penalty

Socialist Worker: North Carolina Takes a Step Backward (5 December 2011)


Look at Kanye and Gaga…Not Pushing the Boundaries (21 December 2009)

Who’re You Calling a Terrorist? (26 December 2009)

Thoughts on the MLK, Jr. National Day of Service (18 January 2010)

The Comment Cards Weren’t Big Enough at the ICR (10 April 2010)

The People are the Ones who Suffer (23 May 2010)


Peace Prize or War Prize? (23 December 2009)

Why Self-Determination? (23 December 2009)

No Justice in Murder: Why Salem College is Protesting the Blackwater Decision (5 January 2010)

Compelled Statements? (8 January 2010)

Socialist Worker: Salem College Protests Blackwater’s Crimes (11 January 2010)

Imperialism, Racism, and Haiti (13 January 2010)


Postmodernism: Liberating for Whom? (28 April 2010)

Book Reviews

Eric Hobsbawm: On Empire (30 August 2010)


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